Oyster Info

We carry a variety of oysters from both the East and West Coast, as well as source oysters seasonally from around the globe.

Below is a short list of varieties that we have available in season.
(Please call or email for current availability)

NameState of OriginFarmed/Wild
Baja Kumamoto OystersMexicoFarmed
Belon OystersMaineWild
Black Duck Salt OystersVirginiaFarmed
Blue Devil OystersMexicoFarmed
Blue Island No. 9 OystersNew YorkFarmed
Blue Point OystersNew York / ConnecticutVaries
East Beach Blonde Oysters ® Rhode IslandFarmed
Hurricane Island Oysters ® NB, CanadaFarmed
Kiwi Cup Oysters ® New ZealandFarmed
Kumamoto OystersWashingtonFarmed
Kusshi Oysters ® BC, CanadaFarmed
Mermaid Cove OystersPEI, CanadaWild
Montauk Point Oysters New YorkFarmed
Moo Moo Island OystersNew YorkWild
Moondancer OystersMassachussettsFarmed
Naked Cowboy ® Oysters New York / ConnecticutWild
Naked Cowgirl OystersWashingtonFarmed
Navy Point Oysters New YorkWild
Neptune’s Choice Oysters WashingtonFarmed
Pemaquid Oysters ® MaineFarmed
Pink Moon Oysters ® PEI, CanadaFarmed
Plymouth Rock Oyster ® MassachussettsFarmed
Powder Point Oysters ® MassachussettsFarmed
Shibumi Oysters ® WashingtonFarmed
Shigoku OystersWashingtonFarmed
Silver Fox Oysters ® New YorkFarmed
Totten Inlet OystersWashingtonFarmed
Wellfleet OystersMassachusettsFarmed